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Customer Choice in Georgia

With the Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act of 1973, many new business customers locating in the state of Georgia gained a one-time choice of electric suppliers. The territorial act was designed to ensure the most economical, efficient, and orderly rendering of electric service; to prevent duplication of facilities; and to foster a competitive spirit in the state of Georgia. This was the beginning of Customer Choice.

Who has the right to choose? - Most new customers with a connected load of 900 kW or greater can choose their electric supplier. Also in a few cases, customers with a connected load of less than 900 kW have a one-time choice of suppliers based on their location.

What does location have to do with it? - The rules of Customer Choice vary depending on whether: 1) you choose to locate within or outside the city limits; and 2) if within the city limits, your building or site was within the pre-1973 city limits, or in an area that was annexed after 1973. Georgia Power can help you determine the Customer Choice implications of any site that you are considering.

Customer Resource Center

Georgia Power's Customer Resource Center in Atlanta offers hands-on demonstrations, showcasing everything from electric transportation, the latest in cooking technologies and manufacturing applications to energy efficiency ideas for the home. Learn about the latest in UV paint curing, the benefits of infrared heating systems, induction heating, powder coating technology and much more.

Experience The Electric Advantage®
  • Commercial Cooking Equipment
  • Powder Coating & UV Paint Curing
  • Infrared Heating Systems
  • Induction Heating & Ultrasonic Drying
  • Electric Car & Battery Technologies
  • High-Efficiency Lighting
  • Electric Lift Trucks, Cranes, Conveyors & More

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What else does Georgia Power have to offer?

Georgia Power offers you the size, stability, progressive leadership, and resources of the Southern Company. Georgia Power serves 80 percent of the business and industrial power need in Georgia. We have a history of providing outstanding service at competitive prices. Georgia Power has the experience and resources to restore your service quickly and efficiently. We offer services designed to provide technological solutions for production problems, targeted training for your employees, analysis and equipment to solve critical power needs and internal power problems, as well as other support functions for your business.

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