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800 jobs
Headquarters Expansion
Sandy Springs, Georgia


On January 25, 2013, AirWatch, an industry leader in mobility technology and security, announced plans to expand its corporate headquarters operations in Sandy Springs, adding 800 high-paying jobs. The company has grown to twice the size of its nearest competitor and expects to double in size this year. AirWatch currently has a workforce of 650 in Georgia.

"Georgia has become a hotbed for companies engaged in mobile applications and other advanced technologies," said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. "Our rapidly accelerating base of knowledge workers not only attracts new industry, but encourages Georgia-grown companies such as AirWatch to commit to staying and expanding here. This decision moves Georgia closer to becoming the No. 1 place in the nation to do business."

"We've grown to twice the size of our nearest competitor and expect to double our size this year by combining innovative mobile technology and exceptional talent with the state's economic development resources," said chairman of AirWatch, Alan Dabbiere. "AirWatch and other software companies are playing a critical role in attracting new businesses to the region and solidifying Atlanta as a leading technology player."

Founded in Atlanta in 2003, AirWatch designs solutions to simplify mobility, including enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management and mobile content. AirWatch has 5,300 customers and nearly 1,000 associates. Clients include the top four global Fortune companies, top U.S. retailers, global airlines, energy companies and pharmaceutical companies.

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