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EdenCrete Industries

EdenCrete Industries

250 jobs
Augusta, Georgia



On April 13, EdenCrete Industries Inc. (ECI) announced plans to establish its global manufacturing headquarters in Augusta, Georgia. The manufacturer of carbon nanotube-enriched concrete solutions will produce its proprietary product, EdenCreteTM, at the Richmond County facility. EdenCrete™ significantly improves the performance characteristics of concrete and is suitable for use in the construction and maintenance of concrete roads, bridges and other infrastructure networks. The project brings 250 jobs and capital investment of $67 million to the region.

"We selected Georgia, and in particular Augusta, to establish our global manufacturing base, not only because of the government's great support for industry as is evidenced today and Georgia's highly efficient transport access to the both the North American and international export markets, but also, because of the warmth of its people, the quality of its workforce and the attractive standard of living and opportunities that it offers our future employees," said Greg Solomon, chairman of Eden Energy.

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, ECI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian-based Eden Energy Limited. Eden Energy Limited focuses on clean and innovative technology, with operating subsidiaries in USA and India. Its main products are EdenCrete™ and OptiBlend™, a leading diesel/natural gas dual fuel system.

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