Engineering Services


With a combined experience of more than 60 years, our Engineering Services team has evaluated thousands of individual sites and provided conceptual planning for more than 600 industrial parks across Georgia. This team provides engineering assistance to accurately assess site locations in the state.

For companies considering expansion or relocation in Georgia

Site Design

Using the very latest computer-aided design technologies, we can prepare multiple conceptual layouts of your facility that maximize the effectiveness of each acre while minimizing development and operational costs. Design elements include:

  • 3-D visualization and virtual tours
  • site boundaries
  • wetlands and other environmental factors
  • ingress and egress
  • utility and support service locations
  • grading and estimated development costs
  • rail alignment
  • truck docks
  • parking

Land Information

Updated daily, our site database contains more than 650 tracts of land that are well-suited for development. More than 200 attributes are tracked for each site, including physical characteristics, workforce demographics, detailed utility service data, available incentives and proximity to major points of interest. Custom mapping features are available, including aerial photography, topographic data and dozens of user-selectable GIS layers. URL links are provided to park plans, real estate brochures and other external resources where available.

For community leaders

Site Evaluations

We perform an engineering evaluation to identify tracts of land with the best potential for development. Factors considered include acreage, topography, transportation access, zoning, current and future land use, utility infrastructure, environmental concerns, and development cost. We will provide the community with all data required to make informed land acquisition decisions.

Park Planning

Our engineering staff works with communities to develop conceptual park plans consistent with their target industries and market conditions. Park plans specify subdivision options, layout of interior access roads, location of railroad spur tracks, and the optimal orientation of facilities. The park plan helps the community realize their vision for the property by creating a visual representation of the completed park.

For real estate professionals and community developers

Marketing of sites and buildings

  • SelectGeorgia online application - free listing of your property in our master GIS database
  • Submit a site or building
  • Custom mapping - highlight unique characteristics of your property
  • Annual metro Atlanta map - a special edition map showing all industrial, office, and mixed-use parks
  • 3-D modeling and virtual tours - electronic models viewable in Google Earth, panoramic photography, and other visualization technologies
  • Open house events at the Georgia Resource Center - provide a venue and audience of statewide developers for brokers to showcase their properties
  • Region bus tours - host statewide developers for on-site tours of your properties