Our Services

We Support Your Expansion

Our Services

Whether you are researching Georgia as a possibility for growth, or are committed to the state and just need help with your expansion, our project managers become part of your team.

Your Georgia Power Economic Development project manager will provide unbiased, confidential services without cost or obligation including:

  • Helping you find the right site or building in the right community.
  • Coordinating field visits and acting as a liaison with local communities.
  • Offering access to state and local contacts and incentives.
  • Managing and producing customized research and information services.
  • Managing and providing engineering and technical assistance.
  • Coordinating use of our state-of-the-art Georgia Resource Center.
  • Providing continued support and services after your location in Georgia.

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We Support Georgia Communities

Georgia Power's motto is "A citizen wherever we serve."

We continue this tradition by working with state and local leadership to stimulate high quality economic growth in Georgia's communities.

Our Community Development team members, strategically located throughout the state, bring a wealth of experience for assisting local communities with expansion, retention and recruitment of jobs and investment. Well-versed in all aspects of the economic development process, they help communities marshal and direct resources needed to be successful.

At the state level, we work with government and public-private partnerships to develop policies that strengthen Georgia's economic, educational and scientific infrastructure. Our ultimate goal is to make Georgia the state of business today and in the future.